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home loan provider in india with their updated interest rates
home loans

Home loans providers in India

All set to buy your dream home?

Congratulations! That’s step one completed. The next step in acquiring that dream home of yours is getting a home loan. Now this is very hard to decide how smooth and easy the whole process is going to be. One bad choice and you’re stuck. And that is why we have come to you with a complete and comprehensive list. A list of Home Loan provided in India. Read on and make a smart choice, that suits your needs best. Click here to read about How to find the best home loan.

You’re welcome!


Following are the main home loan providers in India and the interest rates charged by them as of January 2017–


HDFC Ltd. 8.65%-8.75%
ICICI Bank 8.65%-8.85%
LIC Housing 9.15%-9.60%
PNB Housing 8.90%-9.60%
Axis Bank 9.15%-9.35%
SBI 8.60%-8.70%



home loan providers with their updated interest rates


Let us get into some details of these major players.



Key Highlights of HDFC Ltd Home Loan:


Interest rate for women 8.65%-8.70%
Interest rate for others 8.70%-8.75%
Processing fee up to 0.50% of the home loan
Loan repayment up to 30 years
Pre-payment charge Nil
Min. EMI per 1 Lakh Rs.780 (women), Rs.783 (others)

HDFC Ltd is the biggest private lender in home loan segment with over 5.1 million home loan customers. It has a wide distribution of 378 interconnected offices (including 103 offices of HDFC sales). It has great programs in several locations reaching out over 2400 towns and cities in all over India.

You can apply individually or jointly for HDFC Ltd Home Loans. You can repay the loan amount in up to 30 years. You can choose from Fixed Rate or Floating Rate according to your needs.



Key Highlights of ICICI Home Loan:

Interest rates 8.65%-8.80%(women), 8.70%-8.85%(others)
Processing fees 0.50% of the loan amount
Pre-payment charge Nil
Loan amount up to 90% of the market value
Lowest EMI Rs.779/lakh(women), Rs.783/lakh(others)
Min. Income Rs. 12000/-p.m
Loan repayment up to 30 years

ICICI Bank Express Home loan offers online sanction of loan within 8 hours. ICICI Bank offers an interest rate of 8.65% for women borrowers. Maximum tenure period is of 30 years. Borrowers can switch to ICICI bank with Top Up facility.Click here to read about How can i apply for a home loan online.

Other feature is no charges on part pre-payment of your Home Loan and Top up Home Loan. It delivers home loan papers at your home. It also gives free personal accident insurance policies; insurance options for your home, sanction approval without selected a property and many other features.


LIC Housing

Key Highlights of LIC Housing services:

Interest rates 9.15%-9.60%
Pre-payment charge Nil
Loan amount up to 85% of the  market value
Lowest EMI 815/lakh
Min. income 12000/-p.m
Loan repayment up to 30 years

LIC Housing Finance Ltd. is one of the largest housing finance companies in India. LIC Housing offers home loans under different categories – Purchase, construction, Extension, pensioners, NRI etc. An interesting fact to be mentioned here is that LIC housing is the most searched HFC in India during last 6 months as per trends. That sure means it is one to trust!


PNB Housing

Key Highlights of PNB Home Loan:

Interest rate 8.90%-9.60%
Pre-payment charge Nil
Loan amount 75% to 90% of the market value
Lowest EMI Rs.797/lakh
Processing fees up to 0.50%
Loan repayment up to 3 years

PNB HFL is a 2nd largest bank in India, Punjab National Bank is one of the largest public sector housing finance companies in India. PNB HFL provides home loans to individuals and corporate bodies for buy, construction, repair and up-gradation of houses. It also provides loans for commercial space, loan against property and loan of buy of residential plots.
It also offers door step services that ensure fast loan approvals. You can fetch more loan amount if cost of project is increased. You can check Home loan TAX Benefits too and you can also avail Customized eligibility programs to work out your loan amount.



Key Highlights of Axis Bank Home Loan:

Interest rates 9.15%-9.35%
Processing fees up to 1% of the loan amount
Pre-payment charges Nil
Lowest EMI Rs.815/lakh
Loan amount Min. 3 lakh
Loan repayment up to 30 years

Axis Bank offers reasonable & flexible Home Loans online which are available with nil pre payment charges, Low Interest rates, quick processing & Flexible repayment which make your dream of sweet home come true.
It offers Flexible Interest Rates – You have an option to choose Floating or fixed rate. Special Balance Transfer Schemes are also available. It provides Doorstep Service which makes your loan process Easy and convenient. There are Nil Pre Payment charges, which mean you can pay loan at any time without Penalty (Valid only in floating rate option).



Key Highlights of SBI Home Loan:

Interest rates for women 8.60%-8.65%
Interest rates for others 8.65%-8.70%
Maxgain above 20 lakh & up to 75 lakh(women) 8.75%
Maxgain above 20 lakh & up to 75 lakh(others) 8.80%
Maxgain above 75 lakh(women) 8.95%
Maxgain above 75 lakh(others) 9.00%
Min. EMI per 1 lakh Rs. 768(women), Rs.771(others)

SBI provides home loan with different schemes – SBI Easy Home Loan, Advantage Home Loan, SBI Home Plus, Her Ghar home loan for women /housewives. It offers tax benefits on Home loan as well as options of pre-payment of loan. You can repay the loan by making lump sum payments towards part or full prepayment, subject to the valid prepayment charges.


Apart from these major players, here is a list of other home loan providers in India-


• Andhra Bank Home Loan
• Punjab & Sind Bank Home Loan
• Syndicate Bank Home Loan
• Vijaya Bank Home Loan
• Indian Bank Home Loan
• Indian overseas Bank Home Loan
• State bank of Travancore Home Loan
• IndusInd Bank Home Loan
• Dhanalakshmi Bank Home Loan
• Jammu Kashmir Home Loan
• IDBI Home Finance
• DCB Home Loan
• Uco Bank Home Loan
• Federal Bank Home Loan
• GE Money Home Loan
• Citi Financial Home Loan
• Bank of India Home Loan
• Canara Bank Home Loan
• Allahabad Bank Home loan
• Union Bank of India Home Loan
• United Bank of India Home Loan
• Dena Bank Home Loan
• Standard Chartered Home loan


Regrob suggests that you read the features and options provided by your banker thoroughly and make a choice only after comparing the 4-5 bank home loans features. This will ensure that you have made an informed, sensible choice. For any other queries and help, you always have us.

Here’s wishing you find your sweet Home soon!

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  • Shreya Sharad

    Above vey useful
    As above it said one bad choice and you are stuck. Its true
    So while selecting the home loan several factors should be in mind:-
    1) Loan qualification – Internal lending criteria vary from one bank to another and on the basis of these that a particular amount of home loan is approved fot the borrower. There are several calculators and eligibilty criteria charts, for instance the one offered by ICICI Bank, which will help the borrowers in apprehending their elgibility in advance.
    2) Repayment terms – There are certain terms and conditions pretaining to repayment of home loan imposed by bank on.customers. Potential buyers must clarify the terms related to settlement the outstanding amount,transferring the balance to another lender’s account, prepaynig a part or full amount of homeloan.
    3) How much you should pay?
    Cost of taking the home loan would certainly vary from one bank to another. It depend upon the decision making ability of borrower whether securing a home loan would prove to ve an economical affair or cost laden.
    4) Fixed vs floating rates
    The rate vary from.time to time and one myst plan getting the maximum out of it. If a loan period ranges between 2 to 5 years, going with a fixed interst rate

  • Shreya Sharad

    Above information is very useful
    One bad choice and you are stuck.
    While selecting the homeloan various factors should be considerd:-
    1) Loan qualification – Internal lending criteria vary from one bank to another and its on the basis of these tha a particular amount of home loan is approved for the borrower. There are several calculators and elgibilty charts,for instance the one offered by ICICI Bank, which help the borrowers in apprehending their eligibilty in advance.
    2) Repayment terms – There are several terms and condition pretaining to repayment of the home loan imposed by banks on.customer. potenial buyers must clarify the terms related to settlement the outstanding amount, transferring the balance , prepaying a part or full amount of home loan.
    3) How much shoul pay – cost takimg home loan would vary from one bank to another. It depends upon the decision abilities of the borrower whether securing a home loan would prove to be an economical affair or cost laden one.
    4) Fixed vs floating cost
    The rate may vary from time to time, and paln on gettimg maximum out of it.
    As a rule if loan period ranges between 2 to 5 years, going with a fixed rate is. considerd ideal move. Otherwisw floating rates are considerd ideal for long tenure loans. You can even go to hybrd loans, which enable the borrowers to enjoi the best of both.
    5) Hidden charges – is something to pick up the borrower the most.
    As above it said that before opting homeloan just compare the fetures of 4 to 5 bank and then take the decision.

  • Kishore Lyatha

    This article gives a valuable information about the home loan and best providers in India

    Buying a home is an important personal finance decision for every individual.Selecting the right home loan product in the market becomes much more important for many of us to avoid disturbances later.

    Steps to be considered before taking a home loan:

    1) GOOD RESEARCH – Do not blindly follow whatever loan agent says. Do your own research of the best terms and offers available in the market.Because in some cases loan agents stop us from going to particular banks which gives cheapest rates of interest as they pay less commission to the agents.
    2)SPEND CONSERVATIVELY – Spend as much as less during home loan tenure.Because saving money in the initial stages helps in forclose the loan.
    3) FLOATING OR FIXED RATES – Learn what these rates are,Banks offer two types of interest rates – floating and fixed interests. Floating interest rate is linked to market. It moves in tandem with a base rate. Where as fixed interest remains fixed for a few months defined in the loan agreement.mostly floating rates work out cheaper than fixed rates in the long run.
    4) CIBIL SCORE – Check your CIBIL score – The home loan eligibility depends on the credit worthiness of the individual. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) provides a credit score on a scale of 300 to 900 based on your previous credit card usage, how you maintained your bank accounts, any check bounces, existing loans, uninsured existing loans, loan repayments, how many times you have applied for a loan or a credit card. Individuals with a CIBIL score greater than 700 are more likely to get a home loan.
    5) COMPARING PROCESSING FEE – Whether it is for a fresh loan or for a balance transfer. Enquire in all the banks before you finalise.
    6) READ THE DOCUMENTS – Read everything written in the loan agreement before you sign on the dotted line. It is very important to be aware of the processing fee, late payment fee and all the terms and conditions.

  • Srajal Gumasta

    This article provides information on how and from where to get the best home loan :-

    1.First step is to select the best home loan provider which offers you minimum interest rate, long term installments and on time services.Going only for the less interest rate is not the adequate option.
    2.Secondly, the borrower must have good credit in front of the bank like there should be no other pending loans,no bad record of paying late installments, no fake mortgages,etc
    3.Thirdly, to get the inner details of banks like processing fees, hidden charges interest rates for men,women,people of different age groups, EMI schedules it is necessary to consult with bank employees or go through bank prospectus and websites.
    4.Fourthly, once an appropriate bank is selected by the borrower and proper documentation is required satisfying bank policies .
    5.At last verification is done by the banks investigation team. If all the details of borrower are correct than home loan in sanctioned.

  • Jalvir Karia

    Don’t we all have that one dream home ? It’s very difficult to find that perfect dream home that you have been thinking of since you were a little kid, lets consider you find that dream home and it’s staring right back at you, but being a middle classed men in this society do you think you would be able to afford that home ? your next thought would definitely be lets go for a loan and make hasty decisions, wherein this is exactly where you need to start thinking as to which financial option you should go for. Regrob assists you with fully researched figures as to which bank provides you with the cheapest loan options and lowest emi rates. want to know the prevalent rate and how they could help you ? regrob now.

  • Palak Tuteja

    REGROB not only provides you with the best home and property deals but also gives you the entire information about how to invest in it by providing you with the information of home loans. The first question that comes into your mind while going for buying a home is how do I pay and how much should I pay. The above information is the answer to all your queries. Choose your trusted bank and here REGROB is to further help you with what and all you need.

  • Swastik Miniyar

    Above information is very helpful before applying loan. You should know different policies of different banks. Interest rates charged by different banks are also different for men & women. There is vary in lowest EMI, loan amount, repayment duration. You should know how much loan you can get, how much loan you really need, how many years you will require to repay & how much EMI you can pay. You should maintain good credit score. Sometimes you can take the advantage of tax benefits also.
    Spend less, save more!

  • Subramanyam Rao

    Home loans is one of the option to realize the dream of having own house.But deciding which home loan to go for purely depends on the borrower preferences and availability which in turn is a complex process and involves research.
    With the above up to date information REGROB is helping its customers to choose a perfect home loan for them.
    depending on the requirement of customer different banks provides home loans at different interest rates which in turn are different for men and different processing fees from 0.5 to 1 percent of the home loans and some with nil prepayment charges.some banks provide loans in 8 hours.where as other banks providing options to check Home loan TAX Benefits too and to avail Customized eligibility programs to work out your loan amount.
    It is suggested to compare 4 to 5 different bank loan schemes to select a sensible on for the customer and by providing updated and correct information REGROB is making customer experience delighted.

  • Prasanth Muralidharan

    DREAM HOME…. A dream for all but only a few make it a reality. With the rise in price of real estate one could only dream of buying a home. But a home loan can be be quite a burden in the long run as it tends to pile up on your shoulders Regrob gives you the best interest rates offered in the market. Some banks look for the minimum salary of the borrower to know if the individual will be able to repay the loan. While others look for the maximum period of tenure like ICICI bank. All these banks have one thing in common to provide the best competitive rates to the customer. Regrob provides you with the above details of the banks which provide the best of the best benefits according to the customers taste and preference by making every citizens dream come to by guiding them to their future home.


    As easy it is to dream about having a home, but buying one can be pain staking with high scoring prices in the real estate market. What next? let’s get a loan? But that’s where everything starts from. Indians being a price sensitive customers, always aim to get the best at the lowest cost possible. Regrob helps you get all the information you need to make a wise decision based on your requirements. Above Regrob has stated all the details of major loan providers in the market with their terms and conditions. It highlights various loan provider’s interest rates, minimum EMI,benefit of interest rate for women etc. Regrob helps the customer to make the best decision that too hassle free.

  • suvam sarangi

    Buying a home is one time opportunity for lot of people. Sometime it becomes the most crucial and important decision of our life. So before buying, customers research a lot to get optimum information about what to be done and what not to be. Once everything got clarified customer thinks about the money that is required to buy the selected item and accumulate it. According to survey only 1-5% of total population can buy house without taking any support from others. Apart from them rest of all has one option that is bank loan. So hereby REGROB provide all the information that has to be taken into consideration while taking loan from bank. For example interest rate, major loan providers so on and so forth. In an easy way customer will access all the information required to inhibit buying process. Thanks to REGROB the process has become as easy as sitting at home, selecting and shortlisting banks according to the preference, search for the alternative and finally selecting the bank which meet your requirements.

  • Loansa Assit

    Entire different home loans, it is necessary find to check some true facts from different home loan. The major important points of different when it comes to home loans are as kind of principal ( Interest Rates ) ( Processing fee ) ( Loan to value ratio ). However, you need to choose the loan in the entire package and not just focus on single elements. If a loan has very low interest rate, Get More Information Apply 044-33044488 Best Bank Home Loan In Chennai.

  • sapanarathod

    “Software applications make life easier. Mortgage pipeline is not exception in this regard. With the availability of various software apps, growing your pipeline system with strategy has become much easier. Pick up the right one and run your business smartly.”!!
    Mortgage Loan Software

  • EMI Mantra

    Compare the best Loan rates with EMI Mantra. –