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4 Easy ways to make old home look new

So you have decided to sell or rent your home and have already talked with some real estate agents about this. There is lots of preparation that needs to be done on your part as a landlord to provide a good perspective of your home to prospects and real estate agents. You need to decide on a fair value that you’ll ask, complete all the paper formalities to show and talk with good expert real estate agent. You need to work on the actual product which is your home to show. A good expert real estate agent will tell you lot of things to work on and he’ll help you to make the house look at its best.

Regrob is presenting simple and easy 4 tips, which will make you have a refreshed home for yourself and prospective tenants or buyers in no time.

1. Paint your home :
It is the first and foremost thing you should do in order to have a new look for your old house. As per a study different colours affect the mood of people living inside.The real estate agents suggest the various colours that can be used – Blue is the most productive colour, which can either be used in study room or home office. Apply green in your bedroom as it is soothing and promotes good health. Lastly do not forget to use red in your dining area .

2. Have a new door :
It is a cheap investment with high promising returns. Being an entryway, clients usually wait in front of your door for you to let them in. Similarly, when we have guests they usually stare at the details of our door.

3. Install some Mirrors :
If you have some mirrors in your home, they will reflect light inside, which would eventually make room more spacious. You may install a wide mirror either in your living room or in dining room; just like in hotels and restaurants.

4. Make your room lively :
Add an indoor plant in the corner of your living room, in order to make it’s ambience brighter. It will efficiently fill spaces in some awkward corners. Try planting spider-plant as it will not only improve the quality of oxygen present indoors, but also be safer for pets.

A good real agent will bring lots of experience to get you the best deal and based on his or her inputs you need to work. It’ll get you your dream valuation.


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