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5 most popular questions asked by the sellers

The real estate agents are interrogated a lot before the seller gives him property to sell. So the realtors need to be prepared beforehand for the some of the popular question which the sellers might ask them. Regrob presents the questions along with the suggested answers.

Question 1: How many sellers are you representing now ?

There can be two approach of handling this kind of questions. The first one being a busy agent ;  which will speak about your experience in the industry. Other one having more time to market the property of the seller as there are few clients with him. We would prefer the agents to remain in the first category.

Question 2:  How many homes have you sold in the neighbourhood of the seller in past two years?

Ideally the sellers want someone with a proven track record in their property location and price range. So being a real estate agent you need to give past examples involving the price range of the seller. This would boost up the confidence of the seller and would eventually give his listing to you.

Question 3:  Are your fees negotiable?

Never say no. All real estate compensation is negotiable. Business models are continually evolving. Also try to have a negotiation strategy prepared before hand; which will make the conversation with the seller easy during the deal.

Question 4:  At what price do you think my house will sell in the current market ? And why ?


This gives the seller an understanding about your knowledge of the market. As an experienced realtor  you need to share recent market data , the current pool of comparable homes on the market along with the seller’s home condition and amenities .

Question 5:  How long must I list my house with you ?

The safest answer to give the sellers is three months . If the seller is still in doubt then you can award him free right to cancel the listing agreement  in case he is not happy with you .


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