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5 myths: How to become Real Estate Agent

Deciding to become a real estate agent and carry on this on a daily basis requires some deep insights about the profession. There are certain kinds of misconceptions which prevail regarding the profession of real estate, so Regrob would like to give some clarifications. The various myths regarding this profession are :

Myth #1 : Everyone can do this job

If we talk about theory, anyone can complete the course and obtain the required certificate. But if we talk in terms of practical ground there exists a huge difference between  a successful real estate agent who loves his job and a person who dislikes the profession which eventually turns into successive failures. In order to survive in this market you need to love this job and have pleasure in working with people.

Myth #2 : You can earn money easily without much efforts

On the contrary, the job is commission based so you need to be productive as far as possible. The number of hours spent with client, the level of stress and involvement may scare off the entry level realtors; but it is the harsh reality. Sometimes either the market is unstable or you have to face clients with impossible requirements.

Myth #3: The house will sell itself!

This is certainly false. It is your responsibility being a real estate agent to make the property ready for the market, showcase it, market it and finally close the deal. The perfect real estate agent leaves no stone unturned  in order to meet every client’s need. And as a rule of thumb when something sounds too good to be true , it is probably not.

Myth #4: ‘ I will work when I want to’

The statement is true only in the view that daily schedule of the real estate agent is flexible. If examine the matter deeply we will find that the real estate agent’s working hour depend on his client’s schedule. The real estate agent generally has to work more on the weekends and holidays, it is understandable since the clients are free to see properties on those days.

Myth #5: The job is easy

At first sight the job might seem easy, but in realty the competition is fierce. You need more than just luck to close the deal; you need knowledge, training and experience too. Becoming a real estate agent means hard work, dedication and commitment. It takes time and a real desire to become successful professional.


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