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6 Reasons why Regrob launched Mobile App

India ranks third among the top countries for the smartphone users . The mobile app will become as important for the company as the corporate websites in country like India. The communication channels such as email, newsletters, webinars and tradeshows are on a decline in the recent years.  This eventually resulted in Regrob making an app so as to easily connect with the real estate agents , buyers and sellers . The app also provides a  wonderful opportunity to Tier 2 and Tier 3 agents to list their properties , which would reach to the potential buyers all over India.

The 6 basic reasons for launching Mobile App are:

1. Ubiquity of smart phones

The smart phones will replace the feature phones in the future .Nearly every person will be able to use smartphone apps , not just – business people , social networkers and gamers . It is expected that by the end of 2016 nearly 99 percent of real estate agents would be using smartphones.

2. Unmatched user experience

 The android apps offer a user experience which Mobile websites and widgets  are unable to offer . It also keeps the agent aware about the recent market trends .

3. Proximity to customers

Smartphones are much more intimate devices as compared to the laptop or desktop devices. For the majority of the users the phones are not even 1 metre away 24×7. The listing can be updated even from the remote areas where it is not possible to carry the laptop.

4. Better visibility

Although there is lot of clamor about the visibility of  the apps on the play store. The new generation of the app stores make it easier than ever before to be in front of your potential customers. So the listings by the real estate agents and property owners will be in front of the potential buyers of the property.

5. Growth of Network

Smartphones are small computers which are becoming more and more powerful. They are suitable for a number of tasks , which were earlier restricted by the laptops. This would eventually help the realtors to close the deals in the fastest possible manner.

6. Finding verified agents easily

The property owner has to surf through many websites and contact many agents to list their property. Still they rarely find verified agents to list their property. The Regrob app provides the solution to these issues as it enables you to list property free of cost , which is shared with thousands of prospect buyers and their broker.