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Bollywood Songs To Soothe Your Home Buying Journey

Dreaming about your ideal home can be a fascinating event. It can be a place you have never seen before, just like all our fancy dreams, this dream about your ideal home can be a thought processing moment.

Here are the videos which will put a smile upon your face. These videos will enlighten you, will soothe you. After watching these videos, if you face the same situation, you will start picturing your life in these videos and you will feel happy. There’s something for every individual out there. So, go ahead and watch these videos.


Step1: This is about College time, when people dream about their ideal Home. How the ideal home should look like? Where should it be located?  How to chill around? SO, here is a video which totally matches with this situation and will make you realise that you are not the only one in this situation.

And the song is Dhadak Dhadak




Step2: The next stage when you’re looking for a home in a new place which you have no idea about.

For this situation, we have selected a song for you, that goes like 


Do dewaane shahar main




Step3: So, now the search for  the dream home begins.

Lekar hum dewaana dil   that perfectly tunes with the hunt for the ideal home





Step4:  Finally, when you get a home, you feel ecstatic and adrenaline rushes through your veins.

The song that goes with it, will not only enlighten your mood but will make you jump on your seats.

The song is  itti si hansi itti si khushi 







Step5:  Most awaited time of one’s life, when you are showing  your  dream to your family and loved ones  which is there dream too…. And the songs  that fits the situation is..

Dekho maine dekha hain ek sapna





This is a Bollywood song for all those buyers who are in the boat of buying their dream home.

For this we have  Chotha sa ghar apna





Step7:  When you are peacefully living in your dream home and you cannot thank god enough for all the immense support he has given you.

The song related to this situation is  aye dil laya hain bahar






Celebrating togetherness for finally completing this beautiful and successful journey. The song related to this will  be   Zindagi mere ghar aana.




We hope that this playlist will jazz up your mood while looking for your dream home. If you remember any song should be here, kindly suggest us.