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importance of hiring real estate agents for a real estate transaction in india
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Immense advantages of hiring a real estate agent to buy sell or rent property

When it comes to selling or renting of property, multiple options flash in our mind. The options appear as our friends, relatives and neighborhood. If we want this to happen with minimum possible hassles, then its better to have a real estate agent .

As the saying goes ‘It’s better and safer to let professional do their job’. It is always easy to take professional help when you are in a new field. Real estate field needs a lot of skills from a broker’s part and it is not easy to copy those for a new entrant.


We talked with a lot of brokers and customers to find the utility of a real estate broker in transactions. Here, Regrob team gives 5 solid reason for the appointment of real estate agents:

Reason 1 –  Better guidance and more convenience 

From the start you will know, what is going to happen next. This would eventually build up your confidence at each stage of the transaction. If you as a seller want to get the best available deal, then you might need to upgrade your property to attract buyers. The realtors completely know about the recent trends in the market so he can guide you in a perfect way to upgrade and dispose your property in best prices.

The real estate broker also helps you with financial planning of buying your home with best home loans and other methods.

Reason  2 – Contracts can be hard to handle

A real estate transactions requires various stages to be completed, it would be really difficult to do deal with everything on your own. Real estate paperwork is quite tedious and requires specialist legal guys to execute it, a real estate agent can bring legal aspects perfectly in the transaction life cycle. A real estate agent acts as a liaison between you and the potential buyers.  In other words he will intermediate entire transaction and handle difficult stages such as paper work and finding the right buyer for you. 

Reason 3  – Negotiating is not easy

There exists a common notion between the people direct negotiation between buyer and seller is more transparent. Perhaps this is true- but certainly under the assumption that both buyer and seller are reasonable people, who are able to understand each other.

The role of a real estate broker is to bridge the communication or expectation gap between both parties. As real estate broker also has long relations with both parties, he also acts as a counselor to both parties involved.

Keep in mind that buyer can reject the seller offer for any reason , including any kind of prejudice which  is prevalent in India. A broker analyses profiles of all parties and make the matches perfectly so the transactions go in smooth ways.

importance of hiring real estate agents for a real estate transaction in india


Reason 4 – Awareness of market conditions Information

Real estate agents can disclose to you current market conditions, which eventually govern your buying or selling process. Many factors determine how you should proceed. Data such as average  per square foot cost of similar homes are to be made available along with sold prices to buyers and sellers both. He can also get you a good deal depending upon the different needs of the sellers or buyers.

Reason 5 – Education and Experience

You don’t need to know about complete process of buying and selling real estate if you hire a qualified real estate agent . Henry ford once said when you hire people who are smarter than you, it proves you are smarter than they are. We all are looking for precious time in our lives and hiring qualified real estate agents gives us that time and best possible deal.

When you take the cost and convenience matrix of hiring a real estate agent in perspective you will realize that 1-2% cost of transaction, a real estate agent brings immense value to the deal. He or she will be able to increase the value by 10 to 20 % for you and still he’ll charge you for 1-2% of the deal.


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