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home purchasing home loan

Let us on reading through this article, gain some very vital knowledge that one needs in order to take home purchasing loan.


So, let us start with the basics!


Buying a home can be quite a bulky process, but if one can have a good knowledge of it, and then it can change their lives. Home purchasing loans no more a mystery!



Let’s note a few points that one must consider in order to avail the perfect home loan!


  • Learn about your mortgage options from your nearest bank or banking institution
  • Avoid paying private mortgage insurance. There is a risk.
  • Check your respective CIBIL Score and hope that it is a good and respectable score.
  • Say, for the case that, one is buying a house for the first time, they probably have a lot of questions.



 Now, let us note the types of loans available



  • FHA loan – The easiest method and process in order to qualify for a home loan, an FHA loan gives a government-insured loan with flexible choices, such as a down payment as low as 3.5%.



  • 30-year fixed-rate mortgage – A standard of the mortgage world, a fixed-rate loan is a great option for home buyers looking for a rate that stays the same over the life of their loan. It is a long term loan.



  • VA loan – Active duty military personnel, veterans and their qualifying family members are eligible for special benefits with a VA loan, such as no down payment and a low interest rate.



  • Jumbo loan – If one needs a loan of a large amount.


For different needs, it is best to first think and compare all these various types of a variety of loans offered and available, and even if one is still confused, contact the nearest or preferred bank or banking institution for a solution. Click here to read about smart ways to manage your home loan.




To know  about the amount of the home and then the home loan that one can afford, it is best to consider what is mentioned with this.


One should start by taking into context, how much they can and wish to spend each month on housing. Most budgets call for earmarking 28% of their respective post-tax income for house payments, including their homeowners insurance and property tax.


For example, if your annual income after paying taxes is Rs. 600000 then 28% of that is Rs.16800. However, every situation is different. Maybe one has costs in their monthly budget which might affect their bottom line, like childcare, car payments or student loans. But, the important thing is to find a monthly payment scheme facility that one is comfortable with.


home purchasing loan

If one is thinking to buy a house, there are a number of factors which can help one decide that now the right time is.


  • Are mortgage rates low?
  • Are they planning to live in the same city for at least five years?
  • Are rents rising in their habitual city?
  • Do they wish to customize their home?


If the answer to most of these questions is “yes,” then buying a home is a good option for them.


And if one wishes to close their home purchasing loan. What are closing costs?

Closing costs, also known as settlement costs, are fees charged for services which must be performed to process and close one’s loan application. click here to read about closure of home loan.

Examples of such mortgage closing costs include title fees, recording fees, appraisal fees, credit report fees, pest inspection fees, attorney’s fees, taxes and surveying fees.



Now,  there is interest subsidy on housing loan applicable from January 1.

Anyone who has applied and got a home loan sanctioned after January 1 and has less than Rs 18 lakh annual income will be eligible for interest subsidy of 3-4%. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the interest subsidy on December 31, though the annual income criteria were not announced. This benefit interest subsidy can also be availed by unmarried and earning young adults for acquisition/ construction of a new house including repurchase.



How to deal with the lenders of the home purchasing home loan?


Lenders are required by law to provide the borrower with two documents – the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure – which outline and illustrate one’s closing costs and help them to avoid surprises at the closing table.


Therefore, before making and progressing into any home purchasing finance procedure, it is mandatory to ask and get these above mentioned types of documents.


In order to purchase a new home does one need a real estate agent?


At first, one may feel that they do not need a real estate agent in order to buy a home. But when one finds oneself sifting through papers that are perhaps beyond their comprehension, they might as well consider approaching the services of a real estate agent.

There are many things that one can gain from hiring a real estate agent when house hunting:-


  • An experienced home price negotiator.
  • Legal protection.



And what if, one already has a house and wishes to purchase a new one? How do they get to avail any home purchasing home loan that they might require? How does one manage buying and selling a house at the same time?


Selling one’s already made house while simultaneously buying a new one can be a scary task, but it should be done successfully.



Here are some guidance steps:-

Firstly, it is best to enroll the help of an experienced real estate agent nearby. One should take the help of a professional who understands the dynamics of unique needs and can handle sales, both accurately and expeditiously!


Then one should use their bargaining and thus, in this case, their negotiating capability so as to increase the window before the closing dates.


Most of the time, home owners need to sell their home first to financially qualify to buy a new home. If the sale is not completed first, and one has to temporarily own two homes, one should have to consider short-term financing, such as a bridge loan.



We hope this article help you to understand the different things about home loan.





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