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How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property
verified and actual properties

How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property



Consumers prefer virtual home tours with professional agents!


In today’s world, people get more reliable information on the internet than they are able to through the traditional methods, unless they incur a significant cost. If we talk about the internet penetration in India, which was around 19% in 2014, is definitely bound to grow going forward. The online queries for properties are doubling every year in India — A report by Google.

With such huge potential of internet and so much of awareness within the customers, it becomes necessary for the sellers to make effective and efficient use of virtual tour in real estate properties. Virtual tour of real estate properties is one of the most important modern marketing tools. Read



Benefits of Online Authentic Information and Actual Pictures / Virtual Tours :

1) Convenience of both buyers & brokers

2) Huge time & cost cuts for buyers & brokers


Benefits of virtual tool are both ample and huge enough to attract new and potential customers from explored as well as unexplored markets. One of the most important benefit of virtual tour is that it saves time of sellers and allows them to have a faster turnaround rate i.e., sell properties faster. A faster turnaround rate not only enables brokers to have hefty profits but also triggers ‘word of mouth’, which further increases the turnaround rate. Read about how technology is changing real estate marketing in India.


Besides, another benefit is that it allows you to remain ahead of the competition. You become aware of what your competitors are doing, of which you can take advantage by effectively pricing your products.

How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property in indian real estate market



Another benefit of virtual tour comes when the pictures of real estate properties gets coupled with the top notch technology of Regrob. It allows the customers to view properties at their own ease and the special features like photo gallery, mortgage information, etc. provides the customers with not only a special feeling of belonging but also increases the conversion rate from passive to active interest.


Direct benefits associated with virtual tour of real estate properties there are numerous secondary benefits.


More benefits of virtual home tours:

1) Easily sharable with friends & family

2) Choosing or eliminating a property becomes an easier task

One of these secondary benefits is that the customers can easily share the properties with their friends and family. Friends and family play a crucial role for everyone in making their decisions. Thus, sharing the pictures with the friends and family avoids the trouble of travelling and allows the customers to choose properties effectively and in a hassle free manner.

Regrob collaborates with fellow brokers to make virtual tours of their properties which in turn ensures huge traffic for these listings.

Another advantage of being associated with Regrob is that the real estate properties become verified which gives customers trust and generates brand value for both Regrob as well as the seller. Also, it makes the entire selling process organized and fun for customers with the help of exquisite features like subscribed emails, recommendations, etc. Read about advantages of being regrob associated real estate agents.


Also, if we look from one angle, being associated with Regrob, ensures that Regrob acts as direct selling agent working for you and from another it also ensures that you earn maximum returns by selling more properties. It simply means that you are less stressed and less burdened with the selling activity and hence can end up with the increasing demand of real estate properties, it’s time to be ahead of the competition by doing things in a different manner.


The most important thing is that the services of Regrob are free of cost for associated brokers. So why not make full use of it and sell more!

  • Shreya Sharad

    How a real state agent can.take advantage of virtaul tour property.
    For real estate industry,technolongy can take your online listings to the next level.
    Following advantage they will be getting thriugh virtaul tools are:-
    1) Show completed construction projects-
    Agent cn take advantage of this technology by creating a 3D model of what the completed project will look like, so people can walk through it before it’s even built.
    Even buyers can take a look at how the property flows . Buyers coul get to see whole package. In.long run this will lead to more satisfied customers.
    2)Shows home ready
    3)Capture remote customers- For remote buyers,visuals can be crucial to deciding whether or not your offering is the place for them. This is where virtual reality can have a major impact.

  • Swastik Miniyar

    How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property:
    Digital marketing is the future of any industry. People are getting more reliable on internet. For real estate business, virtual tour is the latest trend in the market.
    Advantages of virtual tour of property:
    1. 360° view gives exact picture
    2. Reliable & convenient
    3. Time & cost saver
    4. Options of share & review

  • Kishore Lyatha

    Online marketing connects organizations with qualified potential customers and takes business development to a much higher level than traditional marketing/advertising.

    How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property:
    1) Exposure Benefits – Additional exposure is obtained for a place or location presented with a virtual tour. People tend to visit the website again that uses such creative approaches to convince them.
    2) Competitive edge – An online Virtual Tour makes your website and location/property undoubtedly stand out between your competitors. Standing out between competitors generally means a better business.
    3) Target your prospective audience and Easily get their attention.
    4) Less stress, more chances to sell it
    5) Plenty of visual information – You can transform visitors from passive into ‘active shoppers’. It only depends on the quality of your virtual tour.
    6) Get more returns and boost your income.

  • Palak Tuteja

    Virtual tour serves as an advantage for not only the customers but also for the agents in many ways. Before calling a customer for a physical tour to the property they can show the 3D images from each and every angel and let the customer decide whether it satisfies his or her interest or not and then go for the further process. This saves time and cost for both of them. The agent just have to ensure an exact model of the property to be shown to the customer. Since nowadays everything is in a digitized format, properties even are getting into the role of it. Thanks to REGROB

  • Srajal Gumasta

    This article gives information about how media content can help in selling properties.

    1.Images and videos provides a quick view of the properties that helps the buyer to select and reject he propoerty based on the appearance.

    2. Seller can also upload the desired pictures and videos of the property in addition to the detailed information like(geographical information, price of the property, terms and conditions)etc. that helps the buyer to take decision.

    3. Through media content buyer can share the details with friends and family before taking a decision and without contacting the seller again and again.

    4. The digital information is spreads on a wider range helping the seller to reach to more buyers.
    5. Seller can also filter the buyers list based on the contact and queries asked by the buyer on the web page.
    Thus, selling property by using media content is easier and time saving

  • Srajal Gumasta

    Advantages of virtual tour for real estate agents :-

    It is not possible always to go & visit each and every property. To solve this problem, virtual tour is a very good option.
    Virtual tour makes a location more easy to understand, clients that contact the real estate owner/seller are better informed and generally higher quality contacts.In virtual tour there is possibility to visit both the exterior and the interior parts of the property.In this we can share the pictures & videos with your family & friends and can navigate through the tour images without installing software, plug-ins or any long downloads.
    Virtual tour in a way cuts this cost and helps you go through what you require in just a click.

  • Jalvir Karia

    Ever been to a buffet dinner ? isn’t it just amazing everything you want to eat out there on the table just take whatever you want. ever thought of a buffet of potential buyers ? well ofcourse it isn’t for the purpose of eating them and we are in no way propagating cannibalism here. This is strictly in terms with properties. think about it, all the potential customers for your property provided to you right in front of you. a lot of time, money and energy will be saved, also you dont need to take your near and dear ones to ther very site everytime you want their opinion, you could just share the link. In a world today where water and other natural resources are in shortage, time is something that is really scarce and thus it is important to utilise and save it. save time, regrob now!!

  • Adesh Mallick

    In today’s world we see people are more interested and keen in finding information that they require from the internet. Internet is spreading like wildfire so Regrob is taking full advantage of it by providing all required information of the property that would benefit customers. Customers do not need to physically go to the property site by spending money and time and energy rather they can sit happly at home and get the best property deals that would be beneficial for them. Even if the customer want they can easily share the video and images of the property to show their family and friends and get accurate feedback from them. This in the end will help them is choosing the best property deals with much less effort and cost.
    Regrob also plays a vital role in helping the brokers cracking the deal. Brokers in the old days were running from pillars to post to crack a deal but with regrob they can crack a deal with almost no physical effort because internet does all those for them.
    Regrob is the place to get the best property deals and provides all its customers and brokers with excellent facility to make the most of it.

  • Subramanyam Rao

    A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images.
    About 323 million people in India accessed the internet through their mobile phones in 2016, which corresponds to about 24.3 percent of the country’s population. which shows the potential use of virtual tours in real estate industry.
    The only problem is authenticity of data presented which can be solved by the trusted brand image and top notch technology of REGROB. Providing customers special features like photo gallery, mortgage information, etc. and making the customer experience wonderful with less efforts and time. which also provides lot of options at the same time, making customer feel powerful and feel sense of transparency.
    Sharing the details of property with friends and relatives became so easy that too with competitive prices and on the other selling process is made easy for the sellers because it reduces their pains and raises turnaround rate which in turn raises their brand value and profit. So by using cutting edge technology of virtual tour of property REGROB is successful in creating win-win situation to both buyer and seller spreading happiness.creating brand value for itself with huge customer base.

  • Prasanth Muralidharan

    In this technological era use of internet, videos can make you grow faster in terms of business it is better to put them to good use. We live in a century were everything is moved by internet and other devices. Realtors are using these devices to buy market their products and services. One such way is to provide a virtual reality. Marketers are using this to their advantage by promoting and making their job easier by connecting both themselves and customers through this. They provide a virtual tour inside the house for the customers. All the properties by Regrob are verified and are genuine properties.Customers can also share this properties to relatives other countries which is great way of using technology to it’s full potential.

  • suvam sarangi

    What’s more, with mobile-oriented services like Whats App, WeChat and Facebook Messenger achieving the top social media ranking spots, it’s clear that much of our digital behavior is now converging around mobile devices. So, awareness within the customer becomes easier.
    In every business connecting with the target audience is most important thing. Special features like photo gallery, mortgage info etc provides more rapport .Thereby virtual tour makes it more convenient for the viewer (buyer) and broker. It’s cost effective and easy for buyer to take decisions. Most amazing part is that services by REGROB are free of cost for associate brokers which make good relations.
    In buying decision influencer also has a great role, so this virtual tour gives optimum information not only to buyer but also influencer like family, friends etc , because of its transferability nature.