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How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property
verified and actual properties

How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property



Consumers prefer virtual home tours with professional agents!


In today’s world, people get more reliable information on the internet than they are able to through the traditional methods, unless they incur a significant cost. If we talk about the internet penetration in India, which was around 19% in 2014, is definitely bound to grow going forward. The online queries for properties are doubling every year in India — A report by Google.

With such huge potential of internet and so much of awareness within the customers, it becomes necessary for the sellers to make effective and efficient use of virtual tour in real estate properties. Virtual tour of real estate properties is one of the most important modern marketing tools. Read



Benefits of Online Authentic Information and Actual Pictures / Virtual Tours :

1) Convenience of both buyers & brokers

2) Huge time & cost cuts for buyers & brokers


Benefits of virtual tool are both ample and huge enough to attract new and potential customers from explored as well as unexplored markets. One of the most important benefit of virtual tour is that it saves time of sellers and allows them to have a faster turnaround rate i.e., sell properties faster. A faster turnaround rate not only enables brokers to have hefty profits but also triggers ‘word of mouth’, which further increases the turnaround rate. Read about how technology is changing real estate marketing in India.


Besides, another benefit is that it allows you to remain ahead of the competition. You become aware of what your competitors are doing, of which you can take advantage by effectively pricing your products.

How real estate agent can take advantage of virtual tour of property in indian real estate market



Another benefit of virtual tour comes when the pictures of real estate properties gets coupled with the top notch technology of Regrob. It allows the customers to view properties at their own ease and the special features like photo gallery, mortgage information, etc. provides the customers with not only a special feeling of belonging but also increases the conversion rate from passive to active interest.


Direct benefits associated with virtual tour of real estate properties there are numerous secondary benefits.


More benefits of virtual home tours:

1) Easily sharable with friends & family

2) Choosing or eliminating a property becomes an easier task

One of these secondary benefits is that the customers can easily share the properties with their friends and family. Friends and family play a crucial role for everyone in making their decisions. Thus, sharing the pictures with the friends and family avoids the trouble of travelling and allows the customers to choose properties effectively and in a hassle free manner.

Regrob collaborates with fellow brokers to make virtual tours of their properties which in turn ensures huge traffic for these listings.

Another advantage of being associated with Regrob is that the real estate properties become verified which gives customers trust and generates brand value for both Regrob as well as the seller. Also, it makes the entire selling process organized and fun for customers with the help of exquisite features like subscribed emails, recommendations, etc. Read about advantages of being regrob associated real estate agents.


Also, if we look from one angle, being associated with Regrob, ensures that Regrob acts as direct selling agent working for you and from another it also ensures that you earn maximum returns by selling more properties. It simply means that you are less stressed and less burdened with the selling activity and hence can end up with the increasing demand of real estate properties, it’s time to be ahead of the competition by doing things in a different manner.


The most important thing is that the services of Regrob are free of cost for associated brokers. So why not make full use of it and sell more!