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How technology is redefining real estate broker’s life

How technology is redefining real estate broker’s life

Dear Real Estate Brokers – Time to befriend technology & do more business!

With the advent of technology in almost every sphere of business the consumers are becoming more demanding and there is continual pressure to lower costs. The Real Estate sector is no different and hence a lot of discussions happen these days about using technology in this sector.


There is a growing confusion in the minds of the people whether this technology use is a better way to close more deals or just a bunch of expensive noise.

Customer Relationship Management:
The key to long term success for real estate professionals are effective contact and relationship management.  They rely on their past clients, fresh leads and old acquaintances to keep their sales cycle thriving.

Modern technology has made it possible with the introduction of customer relationship management solution that helps in managing contacts easily, automating the tasks and integrating with email marketing thereby boosting productivity. The dashboard feature allows the buyer to keep a tab of what his/her buyers are up to at all times. Read how twitter can help real estate brokers in marketing.

Benefit to Customers:
Virtual workspaces have brought a sigh of relief for the brokers that allow them and the loan officers to guide, empower and educate the clients through a clear, delightful and comprehensive home-buying and selling experience.


The efficiency that is powered by the best in the technology gives the brokers an opportunity to pass on the savings to their clients. The new 3D walkthrough feature gives the homebuyers a high resolution tour of the house from every perspective. This saves time for both the broker and the clients and he/she can meet more clients per day. With in-text communication buyers can contact their brokers if they have any queries and get them clarified then and there. Technology has made the broker the available 24X7 to serve the prospects and customers thereby providing a wonderful home-buying experience. Read how customers are looking for new age services from real estate brokers.

How technology is redefining real estate broker’s life

Portable Devices:
Real estate brokers are equipped with numerous apps and sites on their handheld devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks etc. This gives them the modern edge to pitch for new clients, give presentations to prospective customers and keep their property listings updated.


As more and more real estate agents turn to their smart devices for accomplishing their business tasks, the trend has created a sea of exciting opportunities that know no boundaries. With high quality and powerful digital presentations, real estate agents completely utilize various high-end features such as GPS enabled mapping to showcase the sites and highlights of different points of interest.


The digital galleries are equipped with interactive and vivid videos and images that highlight the plenty of amenities that the real estate developer is providing to his clients. Brokers can insert QR codes just outside the properties, business cards, direct mail and flyers to direct potential buyers or sellers to a website with more information or to their social media profiles.

In addition to this, there are listing management and sales inquiry management apps that help the brokers and also the customers to come together and make their deal making and property searching process more informative and more connected.

Features like enlarged views of floor plans with zoom and inch technology are in demand by the real estate players. In other parts of the world there are apps like – House Hunter (an iPhone app) which allows real estate agents to work with their clients to find the clients’ dream home by using a scoring system that rates a home by its key features. The app gives each home a score based on the customized ratings provided by the buyer.

GreatSchools gives consumers access to kindergarten through grade 12 school districts nationwide, including parent reviews and test scores. Houzz, an iPad application, makes it easier for buyers to find interior design ideas for their home.

Using Cloud for sharing data:
Brokers can share and collaborate all files and documents by using services that take advantage of the cloud. These online services eliminate the need for emailing documents back and forth or the hassle of fax machines. Applications like Dropbox or Google Docs, provide such features along with the capability to chat real-time with other people viewing and editing the same documents.

Besides the above stated benefits, technology also brings in a lot of transparency where customers do not have inhibitions while approaching a broker. The State Government of Kerala has decided to make the process of securing permits from local bodies for construction of houses smoother, as it plans to make the process online with the launch of a software called ‘Sanketham’. This will ensure a more standardized procedure, more transparency, and less corruption and bribery.


Technology is here to stay and time for all real estate brokerage community to embrace it.

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