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tips to become successful real estate agent

How to become a successful millionaire real estate agent

To make it big in the real estate there is no right way but there are many options to become successful – such is the beauty of it! The Real Estate agent has two different faces on two different sides of the globe. In the west it is a dignified white collar profession whereas in the Indian mindset it is yet to progress beyond a blue-collar image. The reason being that Real estate agents have made themselves infamous as middlemen, charging hefty commissions for merely connecting the buyer and the seller, and disappearing once the money is received. Many have a rustic background working as shopkeepers, delivery boys, and watchmen looking to make a fast buck in this growing sector. The customer experience has largely been unsatisfactory, with many home buyers/sellers often sulking over the need to run from pillar to post for completing formalities without an iota of assistance from the estate agents.

The above stated concerns stem from the fact that agents are not equipped with sound professional training, a lack of commitment to the profession and business ethics. With the growing mesh of service industry in India, customers now demand exemplary service in almost every industry. People targeting this profession must practice high degree of professionalism as this sector demands customer engagement at every step.

Hence, taking classes, attending workshops, getting professional training and a license should be on the top of the mind for budding agents. Attending such sessions will give a deeper understanding of critical concepts of tender processing, contract management & administration, contract closeout, contract reporting, disputes and settlements, contract clauses etc. In addition to it, they will be trained well by experts in areas of customer engagement, ethics, communication skills, sales skills etc. Some of the key mantras for becoming a successful real estate agent are:

1. Establish a mentoring relationship with a successful real estate agent

2. Keep a database of all the contacts and keep following up with the prospective customers

3. Use technology to get an edge over others and stay updated

4. Leave an indelible impression on others you meet with your personality and get people to notice you

5. Attend seminars, workshops, trainings and classes and get yourself educated on as many programs as you can afford

Various tutorial videos and quality course materials available free of cost and certifications provided by various reputed houses should be targeted by the people who wish to make a career in this field. With the penetration of smart phones in remote tier cities and availability of cheap data it is easier to get the training videos and course materials on the phone and learn the tricks of the trade on the go.

A certification program from will offer different courses and focus on real estate finance, property management and other topics. Through such education, you could develop your communication skills and a working knowledge of real estate terms while exploring the ways in which market trends impact real estate and financing methods. Stay ahead of the curve and learn about recent changes to the industry to ensure you abide by the laws governing the real estate and broker industry, but also benefit in gaining a competitive advantage. The participants of the program would acquire the requisite functional skills and can apply the concepts internalized from the course in a pragmatic way. They will acquire a sound understanding of the real estate sector and get equipped to advise the clients confidently, thereby meeting their expectations. The online tutorial and certification would give them greater acceptability in the market which is currently dominated by unscrupulous practitioners working in a climate of distrust. Under the circumstances, the clients would prefer to deal with certified and professionally trained agents as against those who are not. This shall lead to an improved climate for ethical dealings which will give a fillip to the real estate sector.

One of the books recommended for new agents is “How to Make It Big In Real Estate: From A Millionaire Agent” by Mark Fergusson.