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How to deal with land price bubble

The price of land is on the rise most of the times , but sometimes the seller overprices his property. The situation becomes very tough for the real estate agent as he has to maintain a delicate balance between not losing the listing to the other broker and at the same time preventing overpricing.The point of discussion is to handle your seller clients, who are pushing for higher and higher prices.Your goal being a real estate agent , is to price the home at a perfect value . 

Regrob will suggest you how to approach a client , who has overpriced his property but isn’t seeing it.

1. Categorize your listing prospects

Ask “Mr Seller , we can price it to sell immediately or we can price it to test the market- based on your time frame . Which option suits you the best?” Take action accordingly.

2. Make connections with an appraiser

This would help you in pricing the unusual homes , which are difficult to evaluate. Get in touch with the appraiser friend and use his or her brain for the pricing strategy.

3. Make a commitment to take all the listings, which the seller has to give 

Don’t lose over price when they must move. Remember that someone will come commission on that property , why not you ?

4. Go for an appraisal class

It might seem boring , but it is useful for the majority of the realtors during the time; when the price of the properties go high.

5. Know the new constructions in your area

The realtors need to prepare beforehand the strategy to compete against new constructions. If you are pricing a resale listing in the are surrounded by new construction , you need to understand the pricing and perks offered by those builders and be prepared to compete  against them.

Key Takeaway- Spend more time before you get there ,so you’ll spend less time at the appointment.

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