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As the concept of Franchise became famous in India, the Master Franchise opportunity also gained importance. If the Franchise alone can make anyone’s business strong, the Master Franchise can make it the most powerful. And the power to control not just an area or city, but it can spread your wings to the entire state. The Master Franchise provides the owner of the brand (known as Master franchisor), right to govern the Franchising activities of the entire territory. The master franchisee is basically a contract, that gives you power to control all the activities of other Franchise in your territory (state) of the particular brand. In short, the opportunity gives power in your hand to keep the entire state in your palm. While describing the Master Franchise, one phrase comes to our mind that is, “ karlo Duniya Mutthi Main. This saying perfectly describes the role and power of Master Franchise. Master Franchise is the other name for State Franchise.

Master Franchise is a great opportunity for those who wish to invest their huge funds in a business. This is great not only because it offers a success formula, but also it is provides with the very good ROI (Return on investment). Technically, it is the way of making your investment less risky with huge return of investment in later stages. And the later stage of ROI is not about getting profits in many years, but in a very short period of time (may be less than a year). So, invest once in a sure -sure project and live peacefully throughout life. It can provide unbelievable profits not only for you, but also for your grandchildren. Your one-time investment has the ability to feed your generations for year. So, don’ just think about today, but invest in a beautiful tomorrow.

Sometimes, people have very high amount of money, but they don’t know where to invest? Their insecurity towards their investment – does not allow them to take risk or gamble their money. Obviously, why would someone gamble their money, they would certainly want to invest in a secure investment. So, the answer “where to invest” is very clear- Real Estate Market. In India, Real Estate Market is second biggest sector after agriculture. The huge size of the sector has big opportunities for the people to explore.

To understand the glory of Indian Real Estate Market, we have to read the facts associated to it-

  • Real Estate sector contributes about 5-6 percent of the India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) every year.
  • In 2016, FDI (Foreign Direct investment) in Indian Real Estate market was 5.7$ billion. This shows the confidence of foreign countries in Indian Real Estate.
  • It is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate of 30 percent in coming years.
  • This sector is expected to touch 180 billion US dollar till 2020.
  • In 2012, Indian Housing Industry shows the urban shortage of 18.8 million units and is expected to almost double (34.1 million units) in coming ten years.
  • Also, this sector survived the impacts of Demonetization and GST, as the sector still provides for healthy profit.


All in all, Real Estate market is one of the most profitable sectors in Indian economy. And it can surely provide victory – today and future. Also, the Real Estate Sector has become more organized and formal.

In addition to that, Franchise model is also a bright concept for India’s economic growth. And that Franchise model would not only add to India’s annual income, but can increase your income too. Studies suggest that Franchise is the emerging trend in India, which provides “Tried & Tested Business Solution”. According to Analytical Report, India is the fastest growing nation in Franchise world and is expected to reach 35 billion dollar in 2020. So, figures suggest that everyone in India believes in the concept of franchise and are willing to invest their money in this trend.  And in that sense, Master Franchise, that too in a Real Estate is more than perfect opportunity for investors. The concept is like “ Sone pe Suhaaga” (Icing on the cake). So, take the opportunity before anyone grabs the opportunity in front of your eyes.

Master Franchise in Real Estate basically makes you the whole sole leader of your state- in sale, purchase, rent etc. That means all the activities in your state comes under your guidance and you become the whole sole entrepreneur in your state, without any such tension of competition. There will be a separate company for you where you give the orders to entire state. The master Franchise not only makes you the “Master of your State” but also the “Master of Profit” in your own state. It indicates that the share of profit comes to you, when every single person deals with your brand name. You can expect a healthy profit in very short period of time.

Although, the investment cost is high for buying the Master Franchise (in real estate). But, at the same time, the benefits are also high in every positive aspect. The biggest advantage is High ROI (Return on Investment) on your investment that no other business can guarantee in such a short time span. As in Real Estate Master Franchise, one can expect an unbelievable return on investment in a less than year. Also, you can start with master franchise in real Estate, and become influential in a business as a whole. It means, once you start with real estate then you can expand in any other sector easily because of the recognition of your name. Ambani, Birla and many other Business man started with one Business and when their name became famous, they established their Business in other sectors. So might be it’s your turn next. What are you waiting for…. The most important fact which can’t be overlooked is- 90 percent of millionaire belongs to Real Estate sector. So, don’t waste so much time in thinking and start your success journey today. Whether you are thinking of a new start-up or you have an established business, the opportunity is good for everyone.

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