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(Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments.)

One of the most difficult financial decisions one has to make in life is to decide the place where they would choose to stay. The cost of living, the quality of life, education facilities, among others are some of the many deciding factors.

And the most highly subjective measure of happiness that is an important component of many financial decisions. Some of the factors plays a vital role in quality of life vary according to personal preferences, but they often include financial security , job satisfaction, family life, health & safety. Financial decisions usually involve a tradeoff where quality of life is decreased in order to save money or quality of life is increased by spending more money.

Ramoji Film City is a major attraction in Hyderabad

The best Indian city to live: HYDERABAD

As per the Mercer (Human resource) ranking, Hyderabad has been ranked as the best city in India to stay in with a ranking of 139 out of 230 cities around the world in terms of standard of living.

Besides Hyderabad, the list figures seven other Indian cities – Pune has been selected as the second best Indian city with a rank of 144, Bangalore (145), Chennai (150), Mumbai (152), Kolkata (160), and New Delhi (161).
“Over time, Hyderabad has emerged as a city of choice due to factors such as Sports, Videos, Technology, Cricket, Finance, Celebrity, Movies, Style, etc.

From all around the world, Vienna continues its sovereignty, monarchy in the top spot for overall quality of living, followed by Zurich (2), Auckland (3), Munich (4). Vancouver is North America’s highest ranking city, while Singapore is the highest ranking Asian city, holding 26th place.

Out of 440 cities assessed by the Mercer, no Indian city was able to make it to top 100.

Helping people to live long and productive lives and enjoy a good quality of life.

Good parks and gardens are present in hyderabad
Good parks and gardens are present in hyderabad

Our team also put a lot of small and big factors which helps Hyderabad to be one of the best places to live in —

1. Big product companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, other Swiss banks like UBS,
2. Well distributed population. Unlike Bangalore , the companies and population are distributed smartly
3. House owners are very well mannered and logical. Mostly advance is two months and prepaid rent . Chennai is worst for advance and Bangalore is terrible for high rent, advance also they collect one month rent extra while leaving
4. Heaven for food lovers. Lots of high quality, multi cuisines restaurants. Staff are generating polite unlike in Chennai or Bangalore. Authentic Biriyani , much better than famous joints in our country.
5. No traffic woes like in Bangalore
6. Movie tickets are cheaper like in Chennai.
7. Most of the people are well behaved and mannered
8. Most of the People speak telugu , Hindi and English. You may converse easily with local guys in hyderabad.
9. Lower cost of living compared to other cities. Rents and buying homes – both options are within range of middle class people here.
10. World class airport, albeit 40km drive from city.

Cons :
1. Quite far from South by road due to geographical location. Long journey hours from other metros.
2. Limited trains and long journey. Only 3 trains from Chennai
3. Dry climate . Hot and dry during summer reaches up to 40c, during winter records as low as 10c But Except May and January, climate is pleasant

So friends.. If you are in hyderabad.. Enjoy!


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