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Entrepreneurship in india
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New Story of business for aspiring entrepreneurs

Welcome to the new models of business, as this is the real exciting time to be involved in ventures. More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs and getting involved in business through their startups.

Still when I think about it I feel that there is lot to be changed around the business world. The obvious thought that would have clicked in your mind is what is the probable change that I am talking of and who all can bring this change. Its me, you and all of us who can make a change in way of doing business but for this we have to understand how we see business per se. Its the time you should realize that now business is for both making money and making society better. Here are few points that depicts how you can make a difference and bring a revolution in business.

Typical beliefs and assumptions associated with business:

a) Business is primarily about economics, making money and profit only and it’s not connected to society. When you think about business you think about profit.

b) The only constituency that really matters are shareholder because they are the ones who get profit of business.

c) We live in a world where we depend on physical resources but there is nothing for us to do with our environment who is the creator of these resources.

d ) Capitalism works because people are self interested.

e) Given the opportunity ,business people will cheat or cut corners. The basic underlying assumption is that business do not take care about others.

f) Business works because people are competitive and greedy,and as by these competitive forces or invisible hand, the greatest good emerges.

Listen to news ,articles ,you will hear same story.What do you see as wrong with the standard story,whats right with it and what changes have you seen from your point of view. Wherever you are in world ,old story is no longer available. Good news is this that new story is emerging. Business is part of society,how they can help society to solve problem

Five principle of the new story of business

Business is primarily about purpose…money and profit follows

Any business creates(or sometimes destroy) value for shareholder,as well as customer,employees,supplier and communities.Building and leading a business involves getting these interest going in the same direction

Capitalism work because we are complex creatures with many needs and want, and we can cooperate to create value for each other.Sometimes we act for selfish reasons and sometimes for “other- regarding interest. Incentives are important, but so are values , people tell the truth and keep their promises, and act responsibly of the time. And we, need to expect that behaviour

Business and capitalism are greatest system of social cooperation and use creation,ever invented competition is important in free society,but the engine of of capitalism is value creation

We should start business on above story

Think about watsapp, facebook, flipkart, snapdeal, microsoft, google and many more.They are trying to implement new story of business to make money and society better. I am not saying they are 100 percent right but partially trying to make money and society better.

Few examples – 

Flipkart, snapdeal has created large number of employment, open platform for small retailer to sell product online. Running bread and butter for large section of society. This shows they are promoting entrepreneurship. Affordability,flexibility and ease of purchase to customer at convenience.

Watsapp- This has been included in our daily life starting from chatting, making fun through sharing photos, sending business work or personal stuff at one click. Completing day to day activities or doing business. They have contributed in many ways to society.

Information technology has improved relationship with society. New Business is stakeholder entreprenuer. I call myself as stakeholder entreprenuer in Stakeholder entreprenuer is someone who try to make make better place and create value for stakeholder and generate fun and make money.

Full story of

Now a days small real estate agent are not surviving due to less knowledge of technology or high cost of using technology. regrob has created a system where agent will be equipped with all latest arms and ammunition of technology (free of cost) to sell faster. We at regrob is creating as much entrepreneurs to serve society in better manner and ease of buying property for customer in shorter period. Regrob believes in generating as much as employment. We believe in creating value creation for society in 360degree. In our ecosystem agent ,franchise ,customer, employees,supplier,vendor plays important role .Our continuous approach is to add value to life of stakeholder. Building an organization for stakeholder and society so that we can serve them for decades

Company objective

1) value for stakeholder

2) Flourishment of entrepreneurship

3) Value for independent stakeholder

4) Helping customer transact in lesser time

5) social and economical upliftment of employees,stakeholders

Welcome to new model of business, it’s really exciting time to be involved in business today.There is lot to change around world. More and more people are becoming entrepreneur and we will help them.You can also make a difference. We have to understand how we see business. How can you figure out new business for making money with continuously making this society a better place to live in.


The writer is Co-founder of regrob

Vivek raman (Linkedin)