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how to find best pg hostel in kota
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Prepare well before going to Kota

More than 2 lac students reach Kota to prepare for Engineering and Medical entrance Test. Very few succeed!

We are looking for Kota as an education city here and finds out problems faced by students and their solution. (other than finding good coaching institute)



Biggest Problem — Finding hostels / PG / apartments in Kota :

students in kota
students in kota

Kota is called education city of India as it attracts over 2 lac students per year to study for various competitive examinations especially PMT (pre medical test) and Pre engineering test. Kota is a city in rajasthan state and has good infrastructure to support these 2 lac students for their 1 or 2 years studies in Kota. Kota has best medical and engineering coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance, Vibrant and Motion etc. Every year a lot of students studying here competes and wins in these hyper competitive entrance tests.



Lots of students come here after completing their 12th examination and sth sudies here but a new trend of students coming here just after their 10th or high school studies and start preparing while their 11th and 12th studies are also going on.  In this article we have tried to provide crucial info to students and their parents who are looking to find best PG or hostel in kota for giving their best shot at most competitive exam of pre engineering and pre medical test.

coaching institutes in Kota
coaching institutes in Kota

Kota has got all solutions for students living here like –

a) Kota has got lots of Hostel and Paying Guest options with all facilities like food, laundry, cooler, R.O. water and others.

b) There are tieups between schools and coaching institutions so that students doesn’t have any problems while continuing their entrance studies with academics.

c) Lots of messes and other entertainment facilities in Kota for students.

However utilizing the best services is a big problem for students and their parents as they are new to the city and have to take decisions fast about coaching and living. Some big problem people face is finding a good hostel or P.G. near their coaching institute. In most times people book their coaching classes before coming to the city so have a clear idea about places they will study for full one year but finding hostel becomes tough.

hostels for rent in kota


When you try to see the best possible PG for you, you get a lot of distorted information about hostels and PG in kota area. It is also because a lot of students come to Kota (around 2 lacs) every year and they have to find living options in the city to continue their studies.

You may ask questions from successful students who aced entrance exams from Kota. Absolutely Free!


There are many problems with hostels in kota like —

a) Negative environment for studies – There are many students who are not interested in focused studies and want to have fun even in these crucial years of their life. In some hostels these guys and gals get in and do many activities that are detrimental to studies. Living in these hostels are very harmful for serious students.

b) Bad food – Many hostel keepers don’t give much consideration to providing quality food to students and it is a very common problem with lots of hostels in kota. In that case students have to join a mess outside which again eats up their time and energy. Proper nutritious diet plays a crucial role in the grasping power of the students. The diet provided at the hostel or PG should not only be tasty but also nutritious for the students 

c) Bad location – Your living PG or hostel should be very well connected to your chosen coaching institute as travelling time should be less and easy. Good public or private transport should be available at all times. Location of a PG or hostel in kota should also include being in a peaceful area.

d) Attitude of hostel owners – Bad attitude of hostels owners in kota is again a big problem as a lot of hostel owners are not actual owners but have taken the hostel building in kota on lease for one year. So the biggest problem comes out that these hostel managers want to make as much money as quickly without making a reputed brand in hostels in kota for themselves. They charge for everything like laundry or cooler afterwards so it is better to take every terms and conditions of paper beforehand because these are very irritating things in midway.

e) Security – Living in a city far away from home, you must see whether there is proper security available in the hostel or not. Especially for the female students , the security is a major concern for the parents. So when you are seeing any pg or hostel in kota, security check is very important.


See the important things to look in a hostel before deciding on it!

However proper research and giving time to search your PG or hostel in kota will help you find best living option in Kota. In this case pre rated or regrob certified PGs or hostels are a very good option.

auto walahs act as property dealers in kota
auto walahs act as hostel providers in kota

Most of the times people find hostels or Paying guest options through the auto walas who are present at the station to catch coming students. Some problems that are very common to arise are

a) Auto walahs are interested in showing their preffered hostels in kota only as they want to make quick money and leave everything to the fate of student.

b) Even these auto walahs have limited knowledge about inventories in nearby hostels or paying guest options.

c) If you ride with these guys to find hostels, you get very limited options and then they insist you to finalise everything very quickly.

d) If you don’t finalize with them then they will ask exorbitant tariff for their auto which can be anything between 500 to 2000 rupees.

A student who is coming to Kota to study and make his future should be more concerned about living also as it’s a factor that may be big in preparation.

Strict rules in girls PGs in kota rajasthan
Strict rules in girls PGs

How to find the best living options in Kota?

The answer lies in preparing before coming here with your bag and baggage and have time to find out the best options.

a) You should check online for best PG or hostel near your coaching institutes, there are good websites like us ( to see the actual and verified pictures of hostels and apartments, so you can begin your search before coming to the city.

b) Talk with good quality agents before coming to the city so you have prior contacts to use in your search and be ready to give their small fees of brokerage to find the best option. Remember you are shelling a fortune to study in Kota.

c) Keep away from unprofessional people posing to get you best living option because they can’t. They don’t have many tieups and will try to patch you up with their preffered hostel in Kota only.

I hope this information helps you in better overall preparation for your entrance test and get college of your dreams.

The below presentation covers many shades of student’s life in Kota. These all are pictures of Kota in many moods..

                                                Kota all pictures for students coming here 


Best of luck !

This blog post is written by Sumit Verma who is a regrobian and loves to explore new places.

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