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problems for customers in real estate india
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Problems for customers in Indian real estate space

The purchase of any residential real estate involves three parties- the buyer, the seller, and the lender. Because of the inherent tendency of the three parties to pull things in different directions, things get pretty complex. Moreover, the laws that govern real estate transactions are different from the law governing other kinds of purchases, which aids to the existing complexity.

Amongst all such complexities which creates inconvenience for the customers in Indian real estate space, getting a home loan is the most critical. There are several parameters on which banks and other lending institutes evaluate an applicant before issuing a loan. Incomplete paperwork, or mismatch of the expected and applied profile can lead to rejection and loss of processing fee. Moreover, ever changing lending rates doesn’t make it any easier for customers to proceed with the transaction. An experienced agent like the ones we provide at Regrob can eliminate most of the hassles and ensure that the transaction is completed faster and smoothly.

Another difficulty that customers looking for buying real estate face is lead generation. While the demand for real estate has been consistently on the rise, the supply has not been able to match up with it. As a result, customers have to take a lot of pain in searching for houses. While many websites have come up which provide listings online, it has not been able to solve the problem. Most of the time the properties are not verified. Many of the listings either don’t have proper address, and (or) photographs. Thus lead generation fall flat. At Regrob, we ensure that properties that are listed carries the relevant information. We also encourage users to post photos or videos of the entrance so that anyone looking for a property gets the real feel of how it would be like to own that house. In order to increase the convenience of the customers, all the listings are verified with 3D views, which help you to view the properties inside out and eliminate the redundant visits.

Most of the time, customers complain of below par service provided by the brokers/ agents. Customers feel cheated, and often express their discontent at such unprofessional, pseudo agents. This happens primarily because unprofessional, pseudo-agents. Often it so happens that people who are jobless choose to be a broker without proper knowledge of the profession or the market, and act only for their personal interests. At, we take extra care in weeding out such nuisance and partnering with only professional agents, thereby providing customer delight.

Sometimes, a home might contain hidden problems one probably won’t notice even if a reasonable inspection is done. Some common examples are leaky roof, termites, or a high crime rate in the neighbourhood. During such instances, having an experienced and professional agent like the ones we provide at Regrob can be of utmost value. An agent has access to ‘insider information’- he has contacts with other agents and hence has information, which people in general don’t have access to.

Another common problem that haunts most home buyers is litigations over newly purchased property. It therefore becomes essential to check if the property meets all the rules before booking.

This is not only applicable to resold properties but also to the branded ones. Since an individual might not be in a position to go through the intricacies of the legal documents and construction approvals, having an experienced consultant at your service is worth the buck spent, than to fall into undue problems later on. At Regrob, our services are customised to meet any sort of customer needs, including legal consultations.

Apart from buying and selling property, a major part of real estate process is that of rental. Landlords have problems in scouting for tenants, issues with the tenant refusing to vacate when asked and the occupant illegally subletting the property. Those looking out for a rented property often suffer because of traps and scams which they fail to identify while signing a rental contract. Getting help of an experienced real estate agent or of a relocation specialist of Regrob, when setting up and signing a rental contract, has proved to be of great help for both the parties concerned in such situation.


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