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real estate franchisee in india

Real estate brokerage business – a respectable and lucrative career option with regrob

In this arena of dynamic real estate business, Regrob is an innovative enterprise that focuses on providing full service, state-of-art real estate solutions, to commercial clients and customers wishing to convert their traditional business in a way that will drive them in the way upward in the industry. Regrob has always acknowledged and preferred collaboration with strong partners and has welcomed their ideas as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. The company also appreciates visionary leaders who want to get noticed and thereby build a strong foundation in this particular sector. Regrob is probably the fastest and largest expanding real estate brokerage enterprise, one of its kinds in the sector that is practically bringing out a renaissance in the sector of the real estate industry.  The revolutionary ideas and the steps which Regrob has taken and is in process is transforming the way the brokerage business in the real estate is done and thereby aiming at solving the vital problems of the Indian consumers.

So what does an organization gets if it comes under the Regrob umbrella?
Already more than 95% of the franchises that joined Regrob 3 years back, have continued to stay for 3 years and counting. The exclusive program that Regrob provides will get any franchise access to multiple facilities and will provide a novel approach to take forward their respective businesses. While working collaboratively with Regrob, one will attain:

Large networks of agents and brokers
Regrob is focussing on a target of at least 100 affiliates per unit franchise and also at least 500 affiliates per city franchises. The motive of the enterprise is to form a collaborative business aiming to achieve success at every level of the game.  Regrob understands that each and every minute in this business is important and loss of productivity can hurt the business adversely. So Regrob takes pride in the fact that Regrob close the claims and deals faster with a profit margin above industry average.

Qualified Customer Leads
Regrob provides it franchise partners with qualified customer leads. With the improved technology provided by the company, anybody can get a 3D picture view and map search. This will ensure en the customer is ready to visit the site and take forward the business.

Training to maximise sales
Once at Regrob, you get to learn the core of the business, the ins and outs of the game from the experts of the industry. We live in the age of choice overload where customers are having access to services and the offerings from a company like never before. To get noticed you need to be having a point of difference and that is to provide outstanding quality customer service that will lead to more and more sales thereby leading to customer loyalty. With Regrob, create raving fans both inside and outside of your organization.

Sophisticated sales generation Tool
With sophisticated algorithm available, it will guide you through the best of the business and will guide you for lead generation as per the customer base tailored for you. One can run the business as fast as never before and will be acquainted with the bests of technology. It will allow you to develop more number of sales lead and will allow you to get more business with lesser efforts.

Unprecedented knowledge, position and respect in the business
Once you get into the business with Regrob, the business is bound to turn into a profitable as well as a stable business with the most dynamic brands among all those existing in the market.

Regrob provides a base or a platform from where different groups and franchises can come under a single umbrella and work on the same projects, thereby ensuring a mutual development and growth by sharing mutual benefits from each other through working in collaborative terms.  The training program that Regrob provides will ensure that the franchises can approach their business in a very extensive way ensuring stability and profitability as well as sustenance. The company with the help of a novel approach thereby ensures that individual franchises from different geography can form a group on Regrob and get a better price for their service.

Franchises will get a very clear advantage as far as the real estate business is concerned, if they work with Regrob. They will get the facilities of clearing their inventories at a much lesser market costs, accompanied by the fast promotion of their projects and thereby gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the committed and dedicated team Regrob bears, the quality of Regrob ensures that it is ready to bring professionalism into the real estate deals and make a happy place for both the customers as well as the franchises.


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