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Real Estate Franchise Companies Worldwide
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Real Estate Franchise Companies Worldwide

Real Estate sector is one of the most profitable sector throughout the world. It is because, everyone wants to live in the best place. Home is where your heart belongs and every one struggles to make the best palce, to live-in for resting their heart and soul. It is true that humans have three basic requirements –Roti (food), Kapda (cloth) and Makaan (house) to live comfortably on this globe. And each person makes effort for all three things – not just for them, but for their many generations. So, whether you belong to a different state, a different country or a different continent – you have similar needs. Therefore, Real Estate is a major sector in every country. If we look on the figures, we will analyze how big this sector is. According to a new report, the total value of commercial and residential property is $ 217 trillion and seventy five percent is residential property. Hence, the sector provides various employment opportunities with it.


This sector contributes a good amount to National Income in every country. Real Estate contributes about trillions of money in building the National Income of the foreign counties like America, Europe, China, Middle East and many more. If, we talk about India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – Housing sector individually counts for 5-6 percent of country’s GDP. And the compound annual growth rate of 30 percent in next ten years is expected to take Real Estate Market at 180 billion US Dollar till 2020. Also, this sector attracts huge funds from outside India as well. In 2016, Indian Real Estate Market received a foreign investment of 5.7 billion dollars. By that, we can estimate the confidence of other countries in Indian Real Estate market. It means, we can invest in this sector too, without a doubt. If you are surprised with the amount of money in Real Estate Market, you will be shocked to see the flow of money in Real Estate Franchisee Market.


As the concept of Franchise, became common in all the sectors- Education, lifestyle and clothing, retail, food & beverages and many more. It has not left the Real Estate sector untouched. And have made it, even more profitable each day. The concept of Real Estate Franchise was first introduced by Coldwell Banker. As India, has taken the best of every country in every sector. It even adopted the progressive concept of Real Estate Franchise. The concept was a major hit for India too.

Real Estate Franchise Companies Worldwide

All over the world, Real Estate Companies are performing outstanding. They are successfully supplying the needed housing demands and are making huge profits. Coldwell banker is the great Name in Real Estate World, which needs no introduction. It was established in 1906 in San Francisco by Colbert Coldwell. After an earthquake, one man decided to establish trusted Real Estate service to rebuild the State. If we want to see success and money in Real Estate, this is the biggest example. One Real Estate agent has opened the firm, and now this firm has a turnover in millions. And if talk about success of the firm, it is one of the biggest international brand now. It is operating in forty nine countries worldwide. It was the first full service Real Estate brand to launch a national website and the online process in Real Estate Market. And the practice of Franchise in Real Estate came into being with Coldwell Banker. All in all, the big company in Real Estate has provided the biggest contribution to Real Estate all over the world. Hats off to the working procedure of the company. It is making the Real Estate Market more trendy and comfortable from last 110 years. Such a long time it is. Other biggest and largest companies in world are SVN, NAI Global, HFF, Marcus and Millichap, Eastdil Secured, JLL and CBRE Group.

Kindly watch the video on Six steps to choose the Right Franchise….

As Real Estate companies are successful in making people rich all over the world (90 percent people become millionaire through Real Estate). They are also boosting the national income of their economy. India is not behind them. In India, the concept of Real Estate Franchise became famous with each day. And the glory of its success has reached to those, who took advantage of the opportunity. It means that, people who bought the Franchise is earning more, compare to those, who are still using traditional methods in Real Estate. Various companies in Real Estate Franchise are performing out of the box. Regrob is one of those home grown company which is running successfully and helping many to achieve their dream. Regrob is an Indian home grown company and is also into the process of going international and work in other parts of the world as well. So, why are you waiting for someone to realize your dreams, when you can achieve them yourself with Regrob


The procedure of working in Regrob, is different and unique as compared to the companies operating in other parts of the world . Regrob as a company is also making unbelievable progress as compared to other companies. It uses the user-friendly online site which attracts number of customers within seconds. The prospective customers get attracted by the beautiful description and complete details of their dream home. And the accurate pictures from various angles; videos of their dream home is presented at Regrob site. Further, they had made the best use of technology by streaming listing videos online and listing video channel on Youtube. It basically gave the idea of online Real Estate site to the whole world. The streaming videos, providing the information about the company is available on famous social sites. Blogs and the contents have designed the site perfectly. Further, Regrob is one step ahead in using the latest technology and the expert advice of their professionals. You can take the advantage of all these by your one click now…


The biggest advantage of working with Regrob is that, it will update you with latest technology and support you in facing every challenges of your business. And you can take Franchise according to your budget as the options are many. You can either go for small area Franchise or the whole State Franchise. The option is best for everyone, whether you are a new entrepreneur or a successful businessman. Decision is yours, take it today…

Real Estate Franchise Companies Worldwide


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