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real estate india

Regrob looking to do acquisition of real estate startups

We at are looking for acquisition of real estate start ups in cash or cash + stock deal upto 5 crore.

We as team of strongly belive in solving actual problem of customers and stakeholder.

To start with, Real estate brokerage industry is one of the toughest industry like taxi business to disrupt. Not even single player is not able to solve real problem of customers. People talk about various companies in solving problems of customers but still customer service is not solved by any player which we are trying to solve through our business model.We are not just trying to build online service but a full blend of online to offline sevice so our customers is served well while transacting for their biggest investment in life. We are working on total customer experience with comapny owned real estate agents.

We have been questioned by many entreprenuers on why we have chosen this tough line in comapre to simple advertizement business in real estate. Answer to this question is that real estate brokerage business is $10 billion ( 60 to 70 k crores) industry while real estate advertising business is just of rs 320 crores only. Plus we want to build a seamless customer experience favoring real estate customers.

Main part offering alliance to real estate startups —

We are ready to acquire an idea, mentor or straight buy out of company in full cash deal. would like to Invest in company who is working on idea or launched a solution to solve online and offline customer experience.

Companies needing seed funds are also welcome however POC (proof of concept) is highly desirable.
Eligibility for acquisition —

Only real estate idea
No background from prestigious colleges is needed
Any new idea looking for seed fund ,workspace ,mentorship to convert idea into product

Tested product in market to solve actual problem

Technology should be core part of business
If you are looking to get in touch with us, kindly contact us at