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Real Estate Agents in India
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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent is tough as you have to work on multiple points at a time to complete the deal. On one hand you work with buyer and on the other you work with brokers representing the seller or the seller himself. Advising and asking everybody to have a rational and reasonable expectation is one of the most important tasks of a real estate agents life. In the end one has to structure the deal in a win-win manner so every party feels happy.

There are some specific habits analysed by our team that differentiates wheat from the chaff. Have a look at these 7 habits –

1. They get the leads any way they can – Smart agents are adept at identifying different types of lead sources. They explore different types of ad campaign and they take a note on what works and what doesn’t. Postcards and bus stop bench ads are still around because they still work in some cases .


2. They have a great network – They know the best contractors, lenders and insurance providers in the business. Top agents care for their network and are happy to refer clients that they know will get top care. They are ruthless when it comes to anyone who does not provide great customer service to their clients.

3. They explain everything they are doing – When they meet with the clients for the first time, they explain the process, the potential roadblocks and a few issues that might occur. They let the client know they are negotiating, they keep in regular communication and sometimes also adjust strategies.

infographics on effects of highly effective real estate agents



4. They know their neighbourhoods intimately –Ask a question about street and they know what’s on the market, what sold recently and the overall status of neighbourhood. Tell the agent what you like in neighbourhood and suggestions on places to look will come tumbling out.


5. They are up on the latest technology- They do everything from anywhere. They are not only smartphone addicts but also ensure they have great data plans so that they are never stuck without an internet connection. They try to go paperless as far as possible. They read a lot of information both about real estate industry and general trends in technology.


6. They return calls and emails at lightning fast speed – They immediately make contact and follow up .Their clients feel like they are very much important to the agent. If the client prefers text ,they text , if the client wants phone call , they call. They mirror the client’s communication style so that , the client is in his comfort zone.


7. They are detached from the outcome – It is essential to remove any personal disposition from the real estate transaction. Agents instinctively assume the perspective of client, as their own bias can adversely affect the decision of client.


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The writer of this post is Ashwani Kumar Product Manager with regrob. He’s an engineer but his deep interest in Real estate agents have given him lots of insights about indian real estate market. 

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