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Top 10 Most Profitable Business in India

Hi, budding entrepreneurs! I can’t tell you about 10 businesses but will tell you about one business that is extremely good for me and my team. I will tell you the business and its story – I chose to achieve 3 things in life – “Financial Freedom, Happiness & Entrepreneurship”

To achieve this, I started regrob and By starting this I am able to achieve all 3 of these. Let me tell you about my life & entrepreneur journey in detail.

How it all started – My journey starts from a village in the Meerut city of U.P. India. I studied in a village school and came to city schools after 5th class.

Never good at academics, I could somehow manage not to fail in exams and got a lot of poor grades. After graduation, the situation became quite tough as all my friends were quite clear about what they wanted to do. I was one confused among them.

As I came from a middle-class family, there was pressure to start earning also. So I started selling insurance policies. It was extremely tough and people also looked down upon people who sell in our country ( later I will tell you how I could change my mind about this wrong perception)

I decided to do something about this so one day came to meet my studious friend in Delhi. He is currently a government officer and yes, still very good at life. He guided me to study for govt exams and also gave me some NCERT books to start with. The next year was life-changing for me, as I was also doing a job, selling insurance policies, and studying. There were many times when I was almost fired from my job.

So, here began a life of struggle, sweat, and a lot of hurdles. Somehow, I managed to keep myself in the grind!

In this one year, I could study, changing my mindset from extremely vulnerable to solid growth and a positive one. I cleared prestigious UPSC exams like CDS & CPF for group A jobs in Govt of India. I could also clear Bank P.O.

One more big setback came when due to some unavoidable medical problems, I had to leave Indian Military Academy Dehradun training in between. That was really shattering!

Again in the grind, totally broken and without any work again.

But somehow I managed to pick pieces again and start my life. Then once again life smiled at me and I completed my M.B.A. from prestigious IIM ( Indian Institute Of Management).

I was doing a good job, earning well, and spending well too. But I started realizing that this is not my cup of tea. I am here to be an entrepreneur and I had strong reasons for it.

But entrepreneurship is not always easy. I started one venture and started off. I got married in between and was super happy. But a sudden accident left me in bed for almost 3 months. Super tragic for me, my wife, and my family. I was in bed without any financial support as all my savings had been invested in my business.

One more shock came when I got up from bed, my venture was in bad shape. My money was spent and the road was tough ahead. I couldn’t recover that business and that ended it with a very heavy heart.

The main problems of that business are many. The shortcomings I can identify now in hindsight were complete offline systems, lack of automation, huge manpower with may below skills.

At that point in time, I met Vivek, the other co-founder of regrob. He was in the travel business and was facing a lot of problems there with rising costs. He was also looking for a tech-enabled business.

The real estate business always attracted me. As I saw entrepreneurs create huge profitable businesses through real estate.

We found real estate brokerage is a $ 6 bn opportunity in India. We started building a lean business model to work on this opportunity.

We struck a chord for the real estate business. We started thinking about how we could scale in real estate. I talked with many of my IIT / techie friends but none agreed to start up with us. Then I somehow included a techie in our team and stared up.

The time was so bad in those days, we couldn’t afford an office and a car. We started by going everywhere on Vivek’s bike.

The Gods helped us initially and we started with high spirit deals.

The idea grew fast and we were on a good run rate in 6 months’ time. Now, many friends came to work with us. We discussed how to create entrepreneurship and work with these friends.

Now a lot of friends wanted to join us. We were happy to have them as partners.

We brainstormed how to grow with them and the idea of a franchisee system was born.

Our first branch was in Mumbai, where our friend joined us. He later got a lot of success and growth.

We worked on building entrepreneurship, automation, client servicing, and a faster business profit cycle. Now we are a lot automated, fast to execute, profitable, and sustainable.

At regrob I receive a lot of honor. Just because the organization is able to make an impact. It is entrepreneurship for me.

In my free time, i love to run and ride. That’s freedom for me.

And when I see my partners make an impact in their life, no words can describe that.

It’s happiness for me.

I took this interview with one of our success stories from regrob in Andhra Pradesh India.

So now we have a community of 50+ entrepreneurs working with us. That too successful and profitably.

So we have created a ready-made business model for people looking to start their entrepreneur journey.

One can join hands with us. We provide all plug and play models to work. We have multiple franchisee options like state franchisee, city franchisee, and area franchisee to choose from. Entire India we are available.

Our focus is – Multiple Revenue Streams | Tech-Enabled Business | Strong Marketing | Lean Business | High Margin & Profit for our Franchisee Partners

Recently in an international summit, Regrob received the honour of being the fastest-growing real estate business franchisee in India.

To talk about how we can work together to build a profitable business for you!

Plz visit – Start Real Estate Franchise Business in India

Thanks & Regards