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What do clients look for in a Real Estate Agent

Ask any successful real estate agent and they will tell you having a license were instrumental in their career. They will also tell you that it takes much more than just a license to be successful in this field. To be successful it is imperative to know what the customer wants and how to get it for them. A license will get you through the door but the agent that gets the business will have more attributes that the customer is looking for in him/her. Some of the things that any customer looks for in an agent are as follows:

An excellent real estate agent guides a group of resources towards the ultimate goal i.e. sale of thehouse.

Well Equipped with Local Knowledge

The agent must be knowledgeable and provide expert real estate advice at all times. You will be expected to answer all questions directly or indirectly, about the schools and colleges in the locality, the kind of neighbours in the area, distance from nearby malls and parks, the number of foreclosures in the neighbourhood last year etc.


Post the housing crisis there is lot of skepticism among the buyers/sellers to approach agents. Hence a level of trustworthiness is what customers are looking for nowadays. Someone with honesty and integrity will remain successful in any market climate and will be the beneficiary of all the referrals of satisfied customers.

Well Groomed

Clients prefer to work with professionals. They expect a degree of decency and work ethic from the agents. Well groomed and smart agents usually have a huge impact with their presence and it covers for a slight lack of knowledge on certain things.

Good Listener

One of the complaints that arise most often from the customers is that they are heard but not understood by the agents. Hence, listening skill becomes all the more important to cater to the needs of the clients and deliver on the promises. The agents must ask as many questions as they can to understand customer requirements.


Agents must use the technology to their advantage and keep themselves updated with the trends of the market. Using apps and portals to identify key locations, prospective buyers and providing excellent and engaging content of the properties for sale.

Prompt Communication

Clients want prompt responses to their mails and calls from the agents. Lack of communication turns off the customers and they interpret this as a paucity of transparency. With so many avenues of communicating (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, e-Mails, calls, fax etc) the agents must not have any difficulty in keeping the customers in the loop for every communication.


This is something that is demonstrated and not necessarily spoken. Agents must put the interests of their customers above than theirs.

Always on the go

Agents must help their clients at every step of the sale. They should the clients with property hopping, doing and reviewing every paper work, responding to the strangest of the queries, evaluating alternative options, being upfront about the deals and payments etc

Strong Negotiation Skills

The job of an agent, who represents a seller, is to get the maximum compensation for the property he helps close the deal for. An agent must know what to say to the buyer and how to put his/her points in demand in an emphatic way yet politely. This is where the technical skills and strong marketing skills will come into play.


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