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What turns buyers off: Tips for selling your home faster

While listing your property on popular sites like is the first step, we want to emphasis it to the sellers that it is certainly not the last. No doubt, we at Regrob will assist you by providing you with the exposure to prospective buyers and professional agents who will ensure that your house is being sold quickly and without any hassle, we would also like your co-operation in this regard. There are some common pitfalls which sellers should avoid, and which can go a long way in making the sale smoother.

Poor maintenance:

While it is a common notion that as you are about to part away with your property, you should spend less on its maintenance, but in reality, proper maintenance not only gives manifold returns of the expenses, it also increases the intrinsic value of the property and helps in the smooth sale. Messy floors, cobwebs and dilapidated interiors can easily turn off any prospective buyers. On the other hand, properties which are in move-in condition almost always sell faster and at a premium price. It is worth mentioning here that the maintenance of front yards and backyards, living areas, and toilets should get extra attention.
At Regrob, our agents have contacts with auxiliary service providers like landscapers and interior designers who will ensure that your property is in sellable shape and you get the best possible value out of it.


People are very sensitive to smell and it can have tremendous impact on the entire property buying process. The house should smell fresh and inviting. It involves not only creating a set of inviting smells, but also getting rid of the unappealing ones. And on top of turn off lists is the smell of pets. While the owner may feel that having pets around makes the surrounding more homely, the buyer may be of the opposite view. Some other sources of turn off are the smell of cigarette smoke, food and overpowering perfumes or incense. Owners who smoke should remove all ashtrays and consider smoking outdoors while the property is on the market.

Old Furniture and Fixtures:

If the property is for sale, it is imperative for the owners to declutter strategically and systematically, starting with areas that will interest most buyers when they inspect your home, and the areas they’ll do most of their living in. Buyers will obviously be not impressed by tarnished doorknobs or ancient ceiling fans, light fixtures and kitchen appliances. While it is convenient for sellers to assume that buyers will take care of the requisite changes, it will surely impede from getting the highest possible price possible for the property.
This is where having Regrob at your side can be of tremendous advantage. Our professionals can look at your clutter objectively and take necessary action quickly to remove the excess and store the rest out of sight. With customer delight at the centre of our business, we understand that you’re overwhelmed with all the other business involved in selling a home and that you are living your life around it.


Buyers get turned off if they are unable to experience your home at its optimal comfort levels. This is where maintaining optimum temperature levels when the buyers visit the house is of paramount importance. If a property is too hot or too cold, the buyers will feel uneasy and raise question marks about the property, which is certainly not desirable. The buyers may, for example, question whether the heating or cooling work as it should or if it is too expensive to maintain the place warm because of high ceiling etc.

Undue emotional attachment to the property:

Having emotional attachment to the place in understandable, but it should not be a cause for the deal to suffer. There is little room for emotional attachment in the real estate transaction, especially because it spans over a period of a month or two. It is therefore advisable that the sellers be sure that they really want to sell the property and then proceed. Otherwise the whole process will suffer, in spite of best efforts form Regrob.

Hanging around with the buyers:

Generally buyers don’t like it when sellers follow them around like a shadow, eavesdrop and make unsolicited comments. Sellers should let the buyers have their own space, and be comfortable while they take a tour of the house and should intervene only if some doubts arise. Having a dedicated Regrob agent can go a long way in this regard, as he can pitch in on your behalf, and provide you with the best possible price.

Take the matter too personally: While it is perfectly legible for a buyer to offer a low price, sometimes sellers take the matter too personally and think that their property is not as good and welcoming as they think. This in turn hinders further negotiation. The buyer may be, for that matter, testing the water and trying to get a deal to suit him. Having an experienced and professional Regrob agent can be of great help here. Our agents, in such situations, can emphasize on the property’s advantages and provide you with the best deal, and in the process insulate you from emotional struggles.

Unrealistic negotiation:

Some sellers demand for unrealistic price for their property. We at Regrob are for our customers, and it goes without saying that we will try and get you the best possible deal according to the market condition. But for that to happen, it is also equally necessary that you let our agents to act for your behalf. Ignoring a good offer because you may think there is another one waiting around the corner seriously hampers the chances of selling the property quickly.

In addition to the above mentioned pitfalls, we also expect that every seller who list their property in Regrob undertake the following measure while listing their property online.


The advertised property should include at least an indicative cost. If the required detail isn’t there, buyers will just scroll past to the next property that meets their criteria. In case you are not sure what price your property may fetch you, or if it can fetch you the amount you have in mind, you have in mind, you can always approach us for consultation.


It is imperative that the sellers list the detailed address of the property. If not, buyers will not bother to invest time in it. Surrounding streets and amenities also go a long way in sealing the deal. It also assists our agents to do their homework and get you the best possible price for the listing.


Photos are the single most powerful tool to inspire a potential buyer to inspect your home, or to make an enquiry. With the aid of photos, prospective buyers can imagine their lives in your property, or get a feel of the investment. At Regrob, we work with you to create a series of photos that shows your home in its best possible light, so that it can easily lure in the buyers.

We hope that while you list your property with us to get the best value, you will also undertake the above mentioned measures to ensure that Regrob can execute your transaction of selling the house faster.

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