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How to earn trust and respect from real estate clients?

Trust is something that will take any form of relationship to new heights, it maybe your personal relationship or a business relationship, trust is the foundation and relationship. Real Estate is a sector wherein trust is a very important thing, with the kind of investment that goes into buying a house it is very important that trust exists between two parties.


But how do we get our clients to trust us?



We’ll being a small franchise it’s always going to be difficult for clients to trust you when compared to big market giants, but there’s still a way through this, exploit the weakness that these big market giants have and turn them in your favour.



The power of Personal Touch is much underrated in the Real Estate Industry, although it is a very long process it is indeed a fruitful one.


It takes time to build trust; you must’ve have often heard that “First impression is the last impression”, which is exactly why we need to make an impactful first impression and later on build upon that momentum through constant touch, mutual respect for person and work. Click here to read about Real estate brokerage in India.

Here are a few tips that can help in trust building with your clients




Carefully listening to what your client says and needs can solve a lot of problems, everyone appreciates a good listener, so rather than imposing the properties you feel are right for the client, let the client be the guide as to what kind of properties he is into and then suggest him the one that best suit his description, and in the meanwhile try to establish a connection by knowing what are his likes and the showing him properties accordingly.




A man is only as good as the word he keep’s. Fake commitments and empty promises might help you close a single deal but it won’t be helpful in the long-run. Hence if you are not 100% sure to deliver something, do not commit to it, the best option here is to under-promise and over-deliver.




Yes, you need to be well versed with the language that your client is comfortable with along with the basic communication etiquettes like being polite and soft spoken but that is not it, you need to make sure that you do not say anything culturally improper to them and hence you should be well versed with clients culture also along with the language.




Well if only one could promise after sales services in real estate too. This is another tool that can be used to build trust and relationships, where no one is concerned about the clients once they are done with selling properties you can try to maintain contact with them over the years, this shows that you value and care for your customers, this might also lead to them recommending you to others.




We are all familiar that the best and most reliable mode of marketing is word of mouth, so why not take this opportunity and build satisfied customers by building trust and let them be our voice, let them do the talking and attract customers for us. As it is said 1 happy customer brings 4 more. So let’s build a relationship with that 1 customer and let him bring 4 more.



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  • Priyal Jain

    A great blog post indeed. Really useful for anybody who’s trying to get into the real estate business.

  • Zain Mahdi

    This post should be beneficial for all those who are venturing into the real estate business and explains the aspects of loan against property.