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What are Some Success Stories of Regrob Franchise?
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What are Some Success Stories of Regrob Franchise?

What is Success?

Is it wealth? Is it happiness? Is it the achievement of goals?

Success cannot be defined in one parameter, but instead, it is comprised of many things. Different people have different meaning of success. For someone getting a brand new car is a success for someone buying a new home is a success it depends on one’s own perspective.

But for entrepreneur success is the achievement of their goal and creating a niche for themselves after a long struggle in their entrepreneurial journey.

But, becoming an entrepreneur and creating everything from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the people go for some solid platform to start entrepreneurship without getting into the pains of trial and error. They want to cut the initial time of thinking through every process, building the blocks, and then try the market. Taking a running business franchisee is a good method of starting the entrepreneurial journey. By taking a franchise you get the support of a tested business model and may start generating revenues sooner. The people in the job and liabilities take care of the concept of franchising.

Regrorb Franchise

One such company is Regrob, a tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm that is running their franchises successfully all over the country. Real estate is one of the most promising sectors after agriculture in India. As Data suggests, 90 percent of the rich class became a millionaire by taking Real Estate Franchise or working in the Real Estate Sector. The best thing about it – the sector has become more organized and transparent in recent years and the profits have increased. RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) has helped to become this sector more organized and transparent. It has brought good news for the buyers looking for their home, as no one can fraud with them.

Regrob is running 50 successful franchises Pan-India and most of them are associated with the company for the last 4-5 years. Regrob has channel partner tie-up with the builders on the Pan-India level. Regrob has done a tie-up with the Institute of Drone Technology. With the help of advance technology, Regrob will help property buyers to get an overall idea about the project virtually. With continuous hard work, Regrob has added many successful milestones in its name. Their franchises which are associated with them for the past 4-5 years are successful and created a reputed niche for them.

Regrob Franhise

Mr. Sudheer Chakravarthy Sadhu is one such name, he is the head of Andhra State Franchise. He has had 3 years in Regrob and has grown from 1 branch to 7 branches. He is from a Civil Engineering background and did his masters from Australia. While doing masters he got attracted by the charm of entrepreneurship. So he decided to become an entrepreneur in his home country India. After coming back to India he started his venture in real estate. But in this stint he found some gaps between the builder and end-user also he realized that it will take ample time to get success if he starts from scratch, he will have to so a lot of trial and error. So he decided to get associated with a company that not only has a successfully running business model but also has the solution to fill those gaps between the builder and the end-user. So he got in touch with Regrob, discussed their modus operandi, analyzed their business model, and associated with them as a state franchise. Today he is one of the most successful Andhra Pradesh State Franchise and happily enjoying is an entrepreneurial journey.

Here is a video, where he is sharing his Experience, Have a look.

Another name that keeps on cropping is Mr. Debdut Majumdar, he is the head of the Karnataka State Franchise. He did his graduation & post-graduation from India and then he did his second MBA from Cambridge University, UK. After completing his education he got placed in a well-reputed company in the U.K but he has to reapply for a working visa and his joining date was 8 months back. So he came back to India and decided to give it a try in some Indian startup for time being. Then he got in touch with Regrob and after the interaction, he got the responsibility for Bangalore operations. He started his career with Regrob, reached the position of Vice President. But he also got fascinated by entrepreneurship as he uses to see the Regrob’s franchises how successful they are. So he decided to take the plunge and left the job and took the State Franchise of Karnataka. After that there is no looking back for him, he has opened many franchisees under him that are very much successful and are generating good revenue.

Here is a video, where he is sharing his experience, kindly have a look.

Regrob is one such fine name to invest for Real Estate Franchise and to grow with. It will stand by you in facing challenges of your business.  It will provide you with the best technology present in Real Estate sector. With Regrob, you are always one step ahead in Real Estate. The modern business sense of the high-tech professionals and latest technology can take your business to the next level.

Regrob is one such fine name to invest for Real Estate Franchise and to grow with. It will stand by you in facing challenges of your business. It will provide you with the best technology present in the Real Estate sector. With Regrob, you are always one step ahead in Real Estate. The modern business sense of high-tech professionals and the latest technology can take your business to the next level. 

Regrob Franchise

So if you are also looking forward to taking Regrob franchise you can go through with following steps:

Step 1: Prospect will visit the Regrob website or call on the IVR number 9870313070 to schedule an appointment to initiate the process.

Step 2: Once your appointment is fixed you will receive a call from the team who will understand your query and will brief you about the company.

Step 3: The prospect will receive an acknowledgment mail and an application form which you need to fill to apply for franchise opportunity.

Step 4: The application form is the most crucial part of the process as it is screened by the management at different levels. Then you will receive a mail containing all the brochures regarding company & franchise models.

Step 5: After the proposal discussion there will be a telephonic interview with the mid-level management.

If qualified you will receive an email acknowledgment regarding the same.

Step 6: Research team will perform some research process on your respective location.

Step 7: Report generation contains all the details of the topography of the location, no of builders no of projects and other details.

Step 8: Management will do analysis of research report. Reports are also shared with prospects so that they can analyze their level.

Step 9: Based on the report generated and prospect’s profile a suitable and profitable model is selected.

Step 10: Once the model is finalized, there is a conference call/video call arranged with the top management is done regarding the final screening purpose.

Step 11: Meeting is arranged with the top management.

Step 12: Legal arrangement is made &reviewed by both parties.

Step 13: A legal agreement is signed and the prospect is on boarded as a franchise head of Regrob.

So Here is one More Video, which gives you some clarity about Regrob.


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